If you are seeing patients remotely, provide these instructions to help them send you better quality photos

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Steps to take a good photo

Step 1 • Find a Solid Background

Use a solid, neutral color in the background of your photo. A good option is a solid colored wall or table top.

Step 2 • Find Bright, Even Lighting

Avoid shadows and use light from all directions. Face a window and use light from the sun for best results. If not possible, turn on all indoor lights. DO NOT USE FLASH.

Step 3 • Hold Camera 12 inches (30 cm) Away

Face camera directly at skin condition and keep condition in the center of the frame.

Step 4 • Focus and Take a Photo

Tap the camera screen over the skin condition to be sure the camera is focused on your skin. Take a photo.

Step 5 • Take Another Photo 5 inches (12 cm) Away

Move the camera closer, tap the screen in the center to refocus, and take another photo. Check your photos and retake if needed.

Good Photo

Neutral background
Good lighting
In focus
Camera is parallel to skin

Bad Photo

Busy background
Too dark
Not centered
Not focused on skin
Camera not parallel to skin

Additional Tips

Clean the camera lens to ensure a clear photo
Avoid jewelry, clothing and makeup in the photo
Press away hair to better show the skin underneath
Ask for help by asking a partner or friend to take a photo
Check the photos to ensure the skin is well lit and in focus
Download Instructions